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SmartNodeX is Neural Robotic's flagship AIoT SaaS platform that integrates AI algorithms with IoT data to streamline operations, optimize resource utilization, and automate business processes, and workflows to deliver personalized experiences, ultimately driving efficiency across various aspects of business operations. Overall, our SmartNodeX AIoT platform serves as a powerful tool for businesses to optimize their operations, drive innovation, and stay competitive in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

SmartNodeX convergence of Artificial Intelligence and IoT transforms businesses

SmartNodeX harnesses the transformative power of AI and IoT convergence, revolutionizing businesses by optimizing operations, enabling data-driven decisions, and fostering innovation.


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As a central data processing hub, the LINK aRPA  platform® represents the centerpiece of the LINK aRPA tool set that is found in our platform. aRPA stands for “Adaptive Robotica Process Automation”: Neural Robotics solutions are based on aRPA,  geodata, sensor data, and aggregated external data points which are connected and intelligently processed in the platform. Providing our clients with a measurable outcome.


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LINK PLUS  AI is Neural Robotics deeply customizable machine learning and AI platform. Like other components of LINK aRPA, LINK PLUS AI is designed to be scalable to match individual business needs and requirements. Neural Robotics has structured LINK PLUS AI as four layers that appeal to different requirements and levels of AI and machine learning expertise.


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All industries have to confront challenges in the quality of business operations and business efficiency, data management, security & privacy, and IoT device communication. This is exactly what LINK Plus aRPA provides, a better business process automation experience, a seamless integration solution to improve business efficiency, and better measurable outcomes, availability, and accessibility.




Neural Robotics, based in Pretoria, South Africa, has been offering comprehensive AI RPA platform solutions for large enterprises since 2019. The main focus is on business process automation, Geolocation of people and assets, utilization analyses of areas and equipment, room sensor evaluations, and the deployment of workplace experience systems. E-labeling components for mobile assets and situational room signage complete the portfolio.

Smart connected locations: At the heart of the full-service portfolio is the LINK Plus aRPA platform® as a central cloud data hub. Within the platform, extensive web applications are available for data management and visualization. LINK Plus aRPA offers a bi-directional connection to third-party systems via numerous interfaces to bundle internal and external data streams.

Long-standing customers include Kiaat Private Hospital, MISA (Motor Industry Staff Association), Urolocare Hospitals, Black Joes Café (Robotics Barista) and more....


Our Clients....

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What Clients Say

"As a healthcare provider, patient safety is paramount. This AI system has proven invaluable in detecting early signs of critical illnesses, helping us intervene before they escalate. It has saved lives and enhanced the quality of care we provide."
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